The Credo of Nicoresti

Specific Trational Romanesc

For our – and maybe your – parents, “Nicoresti” had become a common noun. Since 1976, not far from “Targul Mosilor” and “Halele Oborului”, on the spot of the former “Bufetul Muscel”, in a house built in 1921 that had been the estate of an army general, a new pub was erected. Anything but extravagant. Not destined to the social elite walking up and down on Victoria Blvd.

The people wandering to and from Obor marketplace are plastically described by Stelian Tanase: “A motley crew, very picturesque, an amalgamation of Orient and Occident, of urban and rural people, each with his / her own specific accent, habits, and appearance. The Obor market halls, together with their merchants, were the hottest part of this city, with unequalled tradition, and liveliest trades of all places. Along the right and left sides of Mosilor Blvd., thousands of shops aligned, certainly the place to go when searching for merchandise at lower prices compared to large stores”.

Since that very time we have been promoting the day-to-day gratification that every gourmand is entitled to. You don’t need a special occasion to enjoy a meal accompanied by friends, and the emotions stirred by a “boyar’s” plate. All you need to know is that joy of life is driven by small pleasures, that we, humans, dictate the measure of time, and when relating to one another is concerned, a pub has its perfect place in your life.

Thus, for several decades now, when appetite called for some fine, traditionally Romanian food, when each day needed to be celebrated, when hearts yearned for grandma’s floating island or for her well-seasoned soups, when longing for some meatballs wrapped in vine leaves, when gourmand desires rioted in any man, demanding a table-full of grilled meat or a roasted pork ham-hock accompanied by an over-boiled bean stew, people have been finding their way to Nicoresti – a place with great history and stories to match, where life is enjoyed, cherished and loved, a genuine pub in the heart of a city that is far too busy to enjoy the pleasures of a peaceful and satisfying meal.

What speaks for ourselves? That’s simple, the appetite for life and fine, traditionally Romanian food!

In a bohemian ambience, we invite you to sit back and relax, to rediscover the delights of a conversation and the emotion of raising glasses with your friends.

For you, who love these things, who know how to chase away a hangover with a sour giblet soup, how to ease hunger with a pork ham-hock laid on steamed sour cabbage, how to laugh, to sing along with the gipsy band, to feel… for you, we have been – for almost 40 years – NICORESTI!